Frequently Asked Questions


1)      How long does it take to receive my products from QUEENDOM Aesthetics

All of our products are made to order. Creation, Processing,plus shipping takes two weeks from date of purchase to get our handmade products.

2)      What shipping method does QUEENDOM Aesthetics use?

All orders are shipped via USPS

3)      When will I receive my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are sent via Email when your order ships and leaves our facility. Please allow 2-3 days for tracking to update. We only ship on Thursdays!

4)      What are QUEENDOM Aesthetic products made of?

Our products are made with all natural and organic ingredients.

5)      Does QUEENDOM Aesthetics ship outside of the United States?

Yes we absolutely do! Canada shipping rates begin at $30 and all other countries $45

Side Note: These are not our rates, these are the United States Postal Service rates!

Also. international shipping takes 30-45 days for packages to be received.

6)      I am pregnant, can I still use your products?

Yes, we do have pregnant clients, yet all cases are different. We recommend consulting your physician prior to use.

7)      What is PURGING?

Purging typically happens when you invite a new product into your skincare. Purging is the detox state of the skin, in which all impurities rise to the surface of the skin. They may appear to be tiny bumps. This shouldn’t last longer than 3 weeks.

8)      In summer months, can my beauty cream or SPF melt?

Yes, because our products are preservative free, the temperature sun rays can melt your product. We advise you to stir your product and place into freezer for 3 hours. Take out and store some place cool.

9)      Are the products safe to use on babies?

Yes, they are. Our products are mild, yet we do recommend you consult with your child’s physician prior to use.

10)  Do QUEENDOM Aesthetics offer refunds?

No! We do not offer refunds, under NO circumstances.

11)  Are QUEENDOM Aesthetics products good for all skin types?

Yes, our products are formulated for all skin types.

12) How do I use the triple package?

Instructions are simple and must be done correctly. Original beauty bar should be used twice a day. Every a.m & p.m. The Peppermint rose should be used every a.m & Activated Charcoal should be used every p.m

13What is the best way to reach queendom aesthetics?

The best way to reach us is via email at because we are very busy making your products and shipping your orders, response time can be up to 48hrs.